Meeting our client's requirements from project inception through completion has made Zeracom the company it is today.   We hold high the values of excellent customer service and support, and build relationships Zeracom can tailor your IP-PBX business phone system to meet your needs.with our customers, which remain well after the initial project's completion.  We strive to be their vendor of choice, and know that a business's primary focus should be in doing what it does best, while leaving their communication and data needs to us.

IT on demand:

The need for professional IT support has grown significantly as networks and information systems have advanced.  Zeracom can play a vital role as your IT outsourcing company. We will handle tasks and projects as you need them, thereby reducing the cost for you to employ full-time in house support personnel.  This approach is not only is financially beneficial, but also allows you to gauge how much access you'll need to highly trained professional support.

Zeracom's partners include the leading providers in computing and telecommunications; including Cisco, Microsoft, Aastra, Dell, and Hp, among others.  We will leverage these relationships for your benefit.


Zeracom is the one-source technology partner for your connectivity projects.  We can handle all aspects of your network design and installation.  As a professional structured cabling company we are able to diagnose, test, and correct faulty existing cabling issues.  Our services also include telecom audits that can verify utilization of every circuit for maximum cost savings.  Working directly with with local and national telephone carriers, Zeracom is well positioned to provide a competitive and unbiased evaluation of your current services.

Our Service Options:

 Zerabox, an Asterisk based IP-PBX.

Our own Asterisk® IP-PBX.  It's an affordable, dependable business phone system that will deliver a feature set that you would only find in systems 10 times the price.  With millions of installations worldwide, Asterisk systems have proved to be the IP-PBX software driving the competition.  [learn more]

Zerafone, VoIP calling at its best.  Low prices, Stability, and the Best International plans available.

ZeraFONe, residential VoIP at its best.  With plans starting as low as $9.95/month. Also features International Unlimited plans with 42 destinations.  It's easy, it's fast and it's reliable.  Sign up now.

Need a T1, PRI, MPLS connection, Zerapipe leads you the best vendor in South Carolina.

With Zeracom's PRI Digital Trunking your business communications will become both more enhanced and more affordable, a winning combination.  A ZERAPIPEwill provide Calling Party ID and DID (Direct Inward Dialing); a call routing solution that allows a call to ring directly to an extension without the cost of a personal telephone line to your desk phone.

  GSSM, Gold Seal Software Maintenance, Zeracom's protection plan that simply makes sense.

Zeracom's GSSM Gold Seal Software & MaintenanceAgreement offers a level of commitment at a price that is tailored to your needs and expectations.  For a low monthly fee, Zeracom provides Advantage Responsealong with free software upgrades and GSSM Advantage Labor rates.


Zeracom, Upstate Greenville SC, IP-PBX solutions provider.
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